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To get the best out of the St Maarten All Inclusive experience picking the right hotel is a must. With over 80 hotels on the Island you’ll be spoilt for choice. So how does one make a decision on what hotel to stay in when visiting St Maarten? You could focus on the reviews from the many review websites on the web. We on the other hand want to give you as much information as we can before you get on that flight (if you’re already here or you’re a seasoned visitor we hope you’ll find our information useful aswell).

By breaking the Island up via locations we believe it will help you plan your trip more efficiently. ¬†What’s that I hear you say? “St Maarten Island isn’t that big” – yes but would you prefer to wake up within a minute of the beach (if that floats your St Maarten boat) or would you prefer to take transport to your desired spot? Over the next few weeks we’ll be covering all there is to cover regarding all areas within St Maarten Island.

St Maarten maybe small but it does have 2 airports (one in St Maarten and the other in St Martin) – our map should provide further details as to what the Island is all about. Map of St Maarten. We will be covering details on the locations where the hotels are situated. This should provide information on the types of hotels within the vicinity. As well as providing generic information about the area. The last thing you’d want to do would be to book a hotel far away from the activities you’ve been hoping to take part in during your well earned break.

The Areas within St Maarten (and St Martin)

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We hope the information we provide will help in one way or another. Whether you’re after that perfect spot for an all inclusive Caribbean vacation or even an all inclusive Caribbean honeymoon you can be sure St Maarten has exactly what you’re after. The only caveat being – you may need to look a little deeper just to ensure your tastes and preferences will match your place to stay.