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St Maarten Hotels – Simpson Bay

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Simpson Bay

Simpson Bay

If you’re contemplating a stay within St Maarten then you may well have considered Simpson Bay as an ideal location for your vacation. Simpson Bay is situated close to Princess Juliana Airport this lagoon has something for everyone (plane spotters included). The stretch of beach at simpson bay runs from the Royal Palm Beach Club to Beacon Hill.

There are some great places to stay at Simpson Bay. Including resorts, hotels and even villas. With one of the longest beaches with the least development on the island it may fit your bill perfectly. A word of warning though there may well be stretches of beach close to Princess Juliana Airport that will definitely have some low flying planes in the horizon from time to time.

Additionally, a further word of caution, the hotels within Simpson Bay are on average 3 star. So you most likely will not get that St Maarten All Inclusive experience here in Simpson Bay. However, there are great beaches and it’s the home of a wonderful Marina.

The marina can accommodate up to 180 vessels. With concierge services available the best place for the possibility of an all inclusive experience within Simpson Bay may well be the marina (boat not included).

We would recommend: The Royal Palm Beach Resort – more self service then all inclusive but nevertheless the villas on offer are very welcoming, and are set to a reasonably high standard.

Simpson Bay is a very popular area with a whole host of shops, restaurants, casinos, and even movie theatres! There’s something for everyone (including jewellery shops if you’re feeling generous). And lets not forget that wonderful beach!

Here’s a little video showing you Simpson Bay in all its wonder:

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